Midterm exam format

The midterm exam is take-home; you will be on your honor to complete it in the time allotted, and without reference to notes or other source material. However, you may study for it as long as you like, and you may take it at your own convenience. Once you start, please do not stop. The midterm exam will take 2.5 hours of your time to complete, the length of a full class period. Please note the start and end time on your exam, and sign the honor pledge. Finally, please use a computer/word processing program to type your responses to the short essay/quotation explications. You should hand-write your answers to the matching section on the exam itself, where you will also put the start/end time and your signature.

There will be two sections on the exam:

  • a matching section, in which I will give you terms that you must match to their definition or the ideas that best addresses the terms, and
  • a short essay/explication section, in which I will give you a series of quotations to choose from–for each quotation you select, you will identify WHO wrote it and WHAT ESSAY IT CAME FROM. Then, write an explication of its content: in a succinct paragraph or two, discuss the quote by accurately paraphrasing its major idea and situating it in its theoretical context. What approach does this quote represent, and what kind of intervention in critical theory is it making? What is significant about it? I do expect you to get the names spelled completely and correctly!


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