Course Schedule

All assignments are due on the day listed; all classes meet Mondays 9:30-12:15. Please check your online schedule each week, since it will be updated based on our progress.

Unit 1: Cancer Identity and Community
1/12            Introduction; “Tig Notaro Live,” (also on iTunes)
Homework: Start your MU Blog; read W;t and Lorde excerpts; read Vanhoutte’s “Cancer and the Common Woman in Margaret Edson’s W;t” on Blackboard
1/19            MLK Day: No class (Discussion group for 1/26 meet with me this week)
1/24           (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Blog (see prompt post on
MU Blog course site)
1/26            Wit; Audre Lorde Intro to “Cancer Journals”
Facilitators: ______Rebecca___   ___Morgan_______ 
Snacks: _________Morgan_______ _____April__________
1/31            (Saturday) Post reading response on your MU Blog
2/2                Fault in Our Stars (film), Blackboard readings (articles by Kahlid, Campbell, and one author chosen by presenters and posted to Blackboard by 1/28)
Facilitators: _____Nazma___   ___Janae____  _____Tihairra______
Snacks: _______Rebecca_________ _____Margaret_______

***Friday, Feb. 6:  Last day to withdraw from a class w/o academic record

Unit 2: Contagion and Fear
2/7          (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Commons site–find a cancer blog & juxtapose it with a reading
2/9           And the Band Played On, “Contagion & the Necessary Accident” (Blackboard)
Facilitators: ___April______   ____Katherine_______ 
Snacks: __Nazma________ ___Katherine_______
2/14        (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Blog

2/16        Contagion fears / Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, “Death Before Dying” (Blackboard); selected essays on Angels from Approaching the Millennium(“Identity and conversion in Angels in America” by Steven F. Kruger; “Wrestling with Angels: A Jewish Fantasia and Identity and Conversion in Angels in America” by Alisa Solomon)
Facilitators: ___
Meg_______   ____Robert___  _______Fatima_________
Snacks: _____
Meg________ _____Robert_______
2/21         (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Commons blog; respond to 1 classmates’ blog posting from any week (¨What’s 1 idea that interests you? ¨What do you like about their prose style? ¨What’s 1 scene that they interpret that you find interesting, or 1 scene you can imagine applying their idea to?)

2/23         Angels in America (HBO); selected essays from Approaching the Millennium (“AIDS and its Metaphors,” Susan Sontag OR “AIDS Stigma & Sexual Practice”–on Blackboard; and “Angels in America: The Millennium and Postmodern History” by Stanton Garner, Jr. from Approaching the Millennium)
  Maggie Campbell     Cheyanne 
Snacks: _________Delaney___

Unit 3: Mental Illness and Social Marginalization
2/28            (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Blog
3/2                Marbles & selected Blackboard articles; Midterm Exam
Facilitators: __Delaney           
Snacks: __________Nazma__________

3/9—Spring Break

3/14            (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Blog
3/16            American Splendor & Blackboard readings (Start thinking about your final project–read assignment sheet, consider watching additional performance in research area)
Facilitators: _______Carolyn________   _______Roya_______
Snacks: _____Roya_________

3/19             MU Film Fest: Extra Credit
***Friday, Mar. 20: Last day to withdraw from a class with a grade of W

Unit 4: Zombies and Apocalypse—Metaphors for Marginalization and Contagion
3/21            (Saturday) Post a reading response on your MU Blog
3/23            Warm Bodies: A Novel; “Infection, Media, & Capitalism” and “Insecure Lives” (Blackboard)
Facilitators: _______Holly________   __Jessica G.__ 
Snacks: ____________Janae________ ______Tihairra________

3/28 (Saturday) 2 postings due:
1. 100 words on a potential final research topic that you want to look into in Monday’s Library Research session.
2. End of unit reflections on mental illness (see posted prompts for ideas, approx 750 words)

3/30          Library workshop: Meet in ground floor research room of Reinsch Library

4/6          Easter Break / Research conferences/ Postings on Warm Bodies (film) and “Monstro” due

4/13        Warm Bodies the film; Diaz “Monstro” & critical articles on Blackboard; Bring draft proposal and 3 source annotations to class; Research conferences by app’t
Facilitators: __________Gevonna____ Michael_  
Snacks: ____________________ 

4/15 Wednesday by 5pm: Post on Blackboard Discussion Board (not your blog) stating what mode of delivery you plan for your final project and why it suits your subject matter well.

Unit 5: Proposals, Research and Projects
4/20        Final exam; Research conferences
Suggested due date for Proposal/Annotated Bibliography

4/27             Drafts of final essays, webpages, or narrated slideshows due for peer review; Final Due Date for Proposal/Annotated Bibliography
Roya, Michael, Holly, Cheyanne, Jessica, April
10:15 Janae, Carolyn, Tihairra, Kat, Gevonna, Fatima, Maggie
11:00 Rebecca, Meg, Robert, Delaney, Nazma, Morgan
Snacks: ______Carolyn_________ _____Gevonna_________

5/4           Final Drafts due for peer review (bring 2 copies); Presentation rehearsals (5 slides only)
9:30  Rebecca, Nazma, Roya, Morgan, Janae, Meg
10:15 Carolyn, Holly, Fatima, Tihairra, Jessica, Michael, Robert
11:15 Gevonna, Delaney, April, Cheyanne, Maggie, Kat
Snacks: __________Jessica G_____

5/5  Suggested Due Date for Final Projects
Friday, May 8th 11-1:30 Final Presentations Rowley G211 (NOTE ROOM);
Final Day to Submit Final Projects
Disease & Marginalization:
Rebecca, Nazma, Roya, Morgan, Janae, Meg
Fighting and Surviving Disease and Depression: Gevonna, Delaney, April, Cheyanne, Maggie, Kat
Fear and Contagion: Carolyn, Holly, Fatima, Tihairra, Jessica, Michael, Robert


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