The Imaginary Plague Game

A deadline virus, Deadly Scary Virus (DSV) is circulating in your culture. You are aware of this, but not overly terrified at this point.  You want to fulfill the goals of your profile card with the least amount of disruption.  At the time listed in your profile, you die, taking your cards with you.  If your death time is before 10:45, you need to get rid of cards taking off additional life points before your death time. Nobody will die until 10:15, however.

The goal of this game is to be alive at 10:45 with the maximum amount of power points and/or $, while fulfilling the values of your profile.   You may also aim to get one of the “values winner” awards, which will be given out based on lives saved/affected positively or the “pitch” for your movie: Nobel prize, Oscar.  Note that each of you has a “life end time.” This is the time at which you will die unless you acquire additional life minutes.  Do not let people know if your profile says you are infected, or if you are holding reduced life time cards. When I call out times, check your death time against the cards you hold for minutes gained/lost. Live or die as needed.

Here are the rules:

-Each player gets a profile and a time when you have to “die.” You can add to or take minutes/years (1 minute=1year) off your life through your interactions with other players.

-Each player gets 6 cards with amounts of $$, subtractions or additions of life time, and power points. In each transaction, you exchange 2 cards of your choice after negotiations.

-You may work as a group or go it alone, but you have to start by reviewing your profile privately, then talking with your cohort group to make a plan.

-1 member of your group can approach one member of any other group at a time. All transactions are private.

-If you have an infectious card, you must play all of these cards before 10:40. No more than 1 infectious card per person. Each of these cards take a significant amount off your overall life time.

Media/Reviewers—all need 50 power points & 25 k to exist

Movie industry–Documentary costs $50k; Blockbuster costs 1 million; Watchable fiction costs $100kAll movies need at least 100 power points to get made; once you reach that goal, you can begin trading “movie cards” that offer extra life time. Give me enough $$ to make your movie when you are ready to play your movie cards.

Health Care workers/Scientists–Need minimum $25k and 50 power points to exist


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