Final Project with Proposal, Bibliography

Assignment: Suggested Due date 4/20; Final Deadline 4/27
Using the bibliography and suggested viewings as a starting point, choose one of the unit topics and watch one other performance on this topic, preferably from the suggested viewing list. Bring in at least one critical reading from the bibliography, plus 7-9 additional sources on this topic. Develop a proposal (250 words) and annotated bibliography listing a potential 8-10 sources based on your research about how these two performances portray illness in similar or different ways, and how they reflect or shape cultural values of the audiences that view them. (Bibliography and proposal 15%)

In addition to discussing your project with me in conference, we will have a class library workshop to support your research. You are expected to be comfortable searching for a variety of sources via relevant databases like MLA Bibliography, Project Muse, Proquest and JSTOR. You are also expected to choose the BEST 7-9 sources to fit your project concept, not the first 7-9 sources that you find. Your bibliography should have a range of sources from popular media, scholarly databases, published anthologies and books, and performance materials/reviews.

Annotated Bibliography Tips Webpage; OWL page handout; Sample Bibliography

Grading Areas for Annotated Bibliography:
Topic Selection
Topic reflects careful selection based on library research, utilizes class bibliography, and demonstrates knowledge of readings. Author has clear concept of audience and strategy for conveying meaning in final project, articulated in a 250 word proposal.
Collection of Sources
8-10 sources reflect careful, credible selection from a variety of print and web venues and connects to a clearly articulated project statement of 250 words.
Annotation of Sources
Each source has a clear paragraph outlining its content and the usefulness of the content to the project. The annotation paragraph evaluates the usefulness of the source, as well as its rhetorical context (sense of audience and purpose). Uses citations as needed.
MLA Format
Student has a clear mastery of MLA style. Paper is properly formatted and reflects careful editing in terms of grammar and citation.  Does not plagiarize from database abstracts or summaries of articles and avoids “patchwriting,” putting summarized information in the author’s own words.

Sample Entry:
Smith, John. “Ebola Contagion Fears in Media” Journal of Medicine and Media (30 April 2014): 41-59. ProQuest. Web. 13 Feb 2015.
This source, published at the time of the greatest fears of Ebola, offers a helpful overview of representations of Ebola in journalistic sources. I used the source to establish key aspects of media reactions to this virus, and to illustrate how the scene in And the Band Played On predicted the public reaction to Ebola. In particular, I note that the author reviews of 50 appearances of Ebola fear in the media within 6 months of time. I also use Smith’s description of patterns of panic to set up a model that I apply to the films And the Band Played On and Outbreak. Overall, this article was helpful in terms of adding depth to my analysis, and since it is from a journal that addressed the two major areas of my project, it offers worthy information on the representations of panic in media.

Final Project
Based on your research, write a 2,500-4,500 word paper and develop a 5 minute presentation in pecha kucha style that reflects your findings on the topic of how this particular disease is portrayed in these 2 key cultural performances. Your presentation should focus on your findings regarding not only the artistic merits of the performance, but its cultural context. What anxieties does it express or relieve? How does it function to represent specific values through characters, themes, or images? How does its choice of genre (documentary, lyric narrative, or realist drama, for example) affect how the audience “reads” this image of disease? (Final research paper & presentation 30% of final grade)

Can be traditional essay, 10-15 min narrated slide show/film, or an MU Commons website

Presentations: Modified Pecha Kucha
5 minute presentation
-20 seconds per slide, 15 slides set to run automatically
-Maximum of 10 words on any slide
-Images that enhance your major points are preferable to words on slides
(See linked example above)

Possible topics: (Remember, limit your focus to 2 “performances,” one of which we have discussed in class)
-images of nursing in art & media
-portrayals of coping with illness (may choose specific illness like AIDS, cancer, mental illness)
-contact zones vs. war zones and illness in zombie narratives
-graphic memoir and embodied illness
-contagion & fear in popular film (Africa as a setting for illness; New York or San Francisco as contact zones)
-genre and expression–how artistic mode affects message (graphic novel, documentary, memoir, fiction)
-representations of “madwomen” or “madness” in art/drama/film
-humor and illness in art
-the business of illness–how money and sickness converge in film/drama

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