Don’t forget to come only for assigned time on 4/27

On Monday 4/27, we will be peer reviewing final projects. Bring 5 pages minimum of your draft, either in the form of a hard copy print out (2 copies), a draft webpage which you can display on a laptop, or a draft script for a narrated slide show.  We will be talking about the organization of your ideas, source use, and layout for your final project, as well as how to set up a final pecha kucha presentation. Your assigned times are posted below, as well as on the MU Commons course schedule. Thanks!
9:30 Roya, Michael, Holly, Cheyanne, Jessica, April
10:15 Janae, Carolyn, Tihairra, Kat, Gevonna, Fatima, Maggie
11:00 Rebecca, Meg, Robert, Delaney, Nazma, Morgan

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