Posting ideas for Warm Bodies (movie) and “Monstro”

After the critical articles are posted on Blackboard on 4/1, I will add another prompt that connects the critical articles to the readings as well.
1. In what ways does “Monstro” fit the conventions of either post-apocalyptic literature, as described by Stanton Garner in your 2/23 reading on Angles in America? How does the zombie disease in Monstro parallel notions of the postmodern apocalyptic in literature?

2. Choose 2 key scenes from Warm Bodies the novel that are cut from the film, and explain the impact of these lost scenes on the narrative. Does the film try to convey the values from these cut scenes in other ways? If so, how so?

3. How do either “Monstro” or “Warm Bodies” (the film) challenge or support the models of zombie literature discussed in earlier readings by Pokonowrski and Boluk/Lenz? Use specific scenes to make your case.

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