Ideas for posting on American Splendor

Read any of the 3 articles posted on Blackboard and use them to post on one of the following topics after watching the film American Splendor (this film is on Amazon instant video and on reserve at the library as well).

1.) How do graphic novels represent first-person experience vividly, and why do you think artists like Forney and Pekar are drawn to this medium to tell their stories of illness in particular? El Rafaie’s article should be particularly helpful for this approach.

2.) How do images of depression in Pekar’s life differ from those in Forney’s life? Do you consider this a representation of depression on film, although Pekar never fully claims this status?  (Fulford’s article might help here).

3.) How does the medium of film integrate graphic images into its narrative differently than a “straight” graphic novel like Forney’s? How do the moments of graphic novelization affect the overall telling of Pekar’s story in this film?  (Meyer’s article might help with this)


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