Ideas for HBO Angels in America posting

Whichever approach you choose, I would suggest you focus in on a single scene of the epic film Angels in America and apply a concept from one of the readings for this week to that scene.  Some examples are below, although you should feel free to take another approach if that works for you.

1.) Stigma & sexual behavior: Choose a scene in which sex and stigma intersect, either in practice or in idea. How is stigma portrayed as affecting a character or characters? Does this portrayal match what we’ve seen in clinical studies of stigma as it operates culturally? How or how not?

2.) Metaphors of Contagion, Stigma & Illness: How does progression of time make stigma into a reality–that is Sontag suggests that the time that lapses between suspicion of disease and diagnosis creates feelings of dread, shame, and judgement (whether by oneself or others) that impose stigma. Do you see this process in Angels, or do you see its defiance or reversal?

3.) John Donne pops up in Sontag’s article, but in a very different context from W;t. What do you make of this metaphysical poet’s appearance in two such very different works about illness?

4.) Apocalyptic moments: Find a moment that fits Garner’s concept of the apocalyptic and explain how Kushner either embraces or refutes a millennial anxiety over apocalypse as either a cultural or individual experience.

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