Angels in America response prompts

You might consider some of these issues in your discussion prompts for this week:

1.)”Death before Dying” studies the way stigma can affect a community’s reaction to AIDS and thus affect treatment and outcome. In what way is Prior “dead before dying”? In what ways does his community react similarly or differently to AIDS than the South African community discussed in the article?

2.) Solomon argues that some images of Judaism dovetail with images of homosexuality in Angels in America. Do you find this to be true, and if so, what scenes seem to compare these images of religion and sexuality? What are some scenes in which other images of non-Jewish religions and sexuality intersect, and how do these convergences of the sacred and the physical affect the reader?

3.) In “Identity and Conversion” Kruger argues that characters in Angels in American undergo messy, violent identity transitions, but that in these “conversions” the “prior self is not left behind–commitments remain, desiring continues, the history of the self travels with us” (166).  Choose one character and talk about a conversion moment that makes clear the the prior self remains after the “conversion.”


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