Reading Response Ideas for Week 2: Cancer in Film

Remember this week you have 3 critical articles to read, plus view “The Fault in Our Stars.” Please also find a blog about cancer and read a few entries to get a sense of how that blogger deals with his/her cancer in the context of an individual life, but also as a rhetorical performance of who s/he is. You should then post a response to at least 2 readings by Saturday. You can use any of the topics below as a basis for your response, or you can craft your own response. Goals: 750 words addressing 2 or more readings and citing specific examples/scenes to support your analysis.

1.) Do you see any of the military metaphors for fighting cancer, or opposite models of “contact” as described by Khalid’s article at work in “Fault in Our Stars” or in the blog you found for this week? Analyze 2-3 specific scene or moments that fit the metaphors for how to “fight” or live with cancer as described by Kahlid or Lorde.

2.) What adjustments to you think “The Fault in Our Stars” or the blog you examined made to appeal to a young adult audience (if you chose a blog targeted at Young Adults)? What kinds of experiences seem unique to the YA demographic in terms of representing experience with cancer–or do you not find this demographic to be unique? Is the performance of living with cancer the same, whether the author/performer/audience is young or old (feel free to use W;t as a point of comparison/contrast here if you would like).

3.) Rhetorically, do you find Deardorff’s article more persuasive when juxtaposed with the Petticrew et al article on attitude and cancer from last week? What mode of writing most persuades you on health care information, and why (journalism, memoir/blog, pop culture/news, or artistic?) What context do you find persuasive and why (year of publication, publication medium, writer’s background, etc.)? And finally, which article’s worldview about coping with cancer do you see more clearly represented in “The Fault in Our Stars”?

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