Don’t know where to start looking for blogs?

As you look for cancer blogs, remember there are many different types of blogs (community, solo, institutional, advocacy). In addition, people who blog about cancer blog about much more than cancer. Their lives are regular lives, just sometimes they also write about cancer. It may be helpful to you to search their posts for the tag “cancer,” or you may prefer to situate their writing about cancer in the context of their broader and more mundane lives. I’d love for you to find a blog in whatever way you’d like, but here are some starting points if you feel lost: A clearing house list of personal blogs on cancer.

Blog for a cure Community blog site where people write about their experiences with cancer.

Cancer in Context Reuter’s reporter Deb Sherman’s blog about cancer.

Cancer Survivorship Blog Similar to the Macmillan Community blog, this is a community blog hosted from a medical perspective for survivors to share stories, ask questions, etc.

Diem Brown, blogger for People Magazine, reality t.v. star

Lisa Bonachek Adams Personal blogger about metastatic breast cancer, motherhood, and family life.

Macmillan Community blog: British site that allows lots of posters to share feelings/experiences with cancer.

Our Cancer Husband and wife Leroy and Laurie Singer Sievers blog about their experience with cancer. Hosted by Johns Hopkins.

Queasy Writer  Professor, Dad and Cancer survivor Rocco Versaci’s blog about health, extreme bike riding, and life.

Scienceblog on Cancer Research: Another UK blog site with a research focus

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