Missed class on Monday 1/12?

Be sure to review all the course materials on this site, and follow the link to Tig Notaro’s podcast on the online course schedule (see menu at top). Then post your 750 word response to the broadcast before 5pm on 1/14.  Post your response either on your own MU Commons Site (don’t forget to email me the link to your site, and I’ll add it to this site as well) or to the Blackboard Discussion Board if you don’t have time to create your site before Wednesday, 1/14.

Your posting should address 1 or more of the following questions. Cite Notaro’s podcast as a source in MLA format, and have a sense of a conclusion to your insights.

-What’s funny in this podcast? when do people laugh and why? What topics does Notaro raise through her jokes that you might expect to find in other illness literature?

–Why do you think Nortaro chooses the form of comedy to talk about illness, and what effect does that have on your understanding of the topic as a listener?

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