Welcome to EN 429

This is a 400-level English course designed for English majors and others who have had 6-9 credits in humanities who are comfortable with advanced reading, research and writing in the humanities. Our topic this semester will be “Disease and Discrimination,” and we will look at how artists represent and engage cultural images of illness, as well as how audiences of readers and viewers respond to these images. Because we are dealing with illness and the human body, we will have frank discussions of sex, death, pain, and other topics which might be disturbing. Be sure you’re comfortable with this before taking the course. As an upper-level course, we will explore topics together, and students will take the lead in forming class discussion each week.

Bookmark this course site, since it includes detailed course policies from your syllabus, assignment sheets and a class schedule that is updated weekly.  Contact me with any questions you may have at mrippy@marymount.edu.

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