Blog response to “Nanette” and “I Have Cancer”

Katherine Murray in her article in PopMatters (posted on Canvas) argues that, “Gadsby’s position, which she explains eloquently in the special, is that, as long as we avoid telling the parts of our stories that are painful to us — the parts that we can’t roll into a punchline; the parts that we can’t pretend to be objective and unfeeling about; the parts that we can’t say without tears coming to our eyes; the parts that make people uncomfortable to hear — we’ll be trapped in purgatory with them forever, and the world won’t have to change.”

Connect Murray’s statement with one of the categories applied to memoir/life writing by Smith and Watson, and explain how the live, oral, comic form of Notaro and Gadsby operates in similar or different ways to more traditional print memoir form. Blog post due: Tuesday, 10/29 by 5pm.

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