MU Commons Blog Site: Midterm Peer Review

Pair up and read a classmate’s blog with the questions below in mind. Then TALK them through your feedback on the questions below (feel free to take notes as you read their blog).

Finally, offer feedback in the form of a written response either posted to their ‘s blog, or if their site doesn’t accept comments, send them a message through Canvas and copy me with the answers to the following questions. You MUST complete your written response in class:

1. Where (in what entry) do you most see their personality on the site? Where is the author’s writing voice strongest and why?

2. Name specific reading entries that could be supported with quotes from the memoirs themselves, and/or from Smith and Watson. Which reading entries seem strongest and why? Cut and paste at least 2-3 strong quoted observations from their blog in your response. Which entries seem weakest and what could they add to make them stronger (or to exist, if missing)?

3. Given an hour to revise this blog, where would you most suggest the author focus on revision?

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