Blog post ideas for 9/24

Below are some ideas for your two blog postings next Tuesday–one on internships & one on theory and memoir.

Take the PPT slide from this week labeled “questions to consider” from Smith and Watson, and consider any of the questions below relative to this week or last week’s readings (or a combination thereof):

  • Audience: how does the text instruct you how to read it? Prefatory material? (Peritext, pretext?) How does the duration of writing unfold relative to duration of action?
  • How is the “I” at the center of the text formed? How does it establish itself as “authentic”?
  • How does the narrative interact with its historical moment?
  • At what point does the body attached to the “I” start to emerge? How?
  • What’s the end? What type of closure is achieved, and is it suspect?
  • Are there other voices or “I’s” within the narrative? Does the narrative raise questions of ethical writing/readership?
  • How does it structure memory? Through “firsts”? Trigger moments? Chronology?
  • Does the narrative exist in multiple media? How does this affect the voice? The story? Is story ever closed in contemporary digital re-tellings and epitexts?
    Internships: Review the article handed out in class on “Finding the Right Internship” as well as the PPT slide from today’s class on internships, and then find a potential internship or next job posting that interests you. Post a brief response considering some of the following questions:
    How, based on your resume, are you qualified for this position in some ways already? What other qualifications, skills, or experiences might help you land this position, were you to apply? (And do you have ideas for where on campus or in the community you could get these skills in the next 6-9 months?)

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