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  1.  A. When Marjain made a statement by wearing her Rock tshirt that showed that she was going to do what she wanted

B. Also, when she was explaining to her family that it wasn’t fair what was happening. Honestly, the tears being shown in the book and on screen was dealing with her emotions.


  1. Honestly, I felt a lot of emotion in this film. I think it was shown well.

-Marjain’s face when she saw a body under the house

-Her mom being carried away after she was sent off to Vienna

-Her tears growing up

-Taking a ride with her crush they flew into the stars (obviously she really liked him) -Marcus

When she reminisced she showed us how she saw him (ugly, weird personality, dirty)


  1. Wearing a punk jacket and shoes and nuns going against it. Women couldn’t act that way

Different color on her reminiscent – airport and café talking about when she went home. The movie was black and white but this scene was color.


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