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Katherine Murray’s article was great, because this was a great example to live by. When telling your story, or speaking your truth, it is important to explain the dark times too. You cannot be free until you let the pain, and hurt go. Life isn’t always ups. There were always downs to achieve the ups, and people shouldn’t leave that out. Some people like to hide, and forget the pain. Try not to remember it, when memory is important. Smith and Watson mentioned that remembering a subject actively creates the meaning of the past (22). Learning all about memoirs this semester made me realize that remembering hurtful things would definitely add substance to the writing. The point of writing the memoir is to tell the full story. Notaro and Gadsby both had great sets. They both discussed deep topics (cancer and lgbtq). They both used comedy as a way to tell their life story. Especially many issues they faced. The difference is the fact that the audience could laugh with them and see their emotions. Even feel. When both speakers became serious, no one laughed. Instead they listened. The audience was able to tell when it was time to laugh. If they wrote their stories, the audience probably wouldn’t have laughed until it was obvious to do so. If their sets were written it could be an example of scriptotherapy. This was also a term described in Smith and Watson. It’s writing as a way to heal. They both went through traumatic things, but they’re speaking instead of writing. The similarity between it being written is the fact that it is still a memoir.

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