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In my paper I am going to analyze Caroline Knapp’s Drinking: A Love Story. Her memoir is an addiction narrative, but I am going to prove that it isn’t a typical addiction narrative. Addiction narratives usually have the same structure. That structure being how one fell into addiction, how they hit rock bottom, and how they reached sobriety. Knapp’s structure is different, and she uses unusual images in a different order within her text. I am going to show how she used a different structure, and how writing it in a different structure may have helped her heal. Scriptotherapy is defined as writing as a way of healing. The way she wrote her structure was a way for her to heal. She dealt with things differently in her life, and her story is far from predictable.

Knapp’s structure is different, because it isn’t the usual structure. For example, she opened her story with a flashback. The flashback was what made her realize that she needed to stop drinking. Usually, when people have their epiphany, it’s towards the end of the story. Instead, hers was is in the beginning. She used unusual images throughout her story like her family dynamic and her calling her book a love story. My plan is to analyze all of these images to prove that this way of writing was healing for her and that it is different than other addiction narratives.

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