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Hello everyone! I have a link to an article that gives a good background on the memoir, Maus, that we read. I think this article brings light to a dark topic. Enjoy!

  1. Marguerite Rippy (Reply) on Wednesday 25, 2019

    Hi, Naiya. You’ve got some interesting insights on your blog entries here; just keep revising them for accuracy and detailed content in terms of using specific quotes or cited moments from the text that connect between ideas in the memoirs and theoretical framework in Smith and Watson. I like the article you’ve posted to help with further context for Maus, and it raises an interesting question to discuss in terms of why this memoir might endure–a question we’ve asked of other memoirs as well. In your entries in general, try to think of introduction/body/conclusion developing a specific point you want to make at the opening and closing it out at the end. That kind of shaping is often a good final revision strategy.

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