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Here is my resume. I made a lot of edits, and I would definitely use this for a law school application. I put the internships I worked at towards the front of the resume. My internships dealt with criminal justice.

  1. Marguerite Rippy (Reply) on Tuesday 17, 2019

    My first comment is purely aesthetic: make sure you save as pdf to get all the spacing/tabs/margins set so they won’t move around in various browsers or software. In general, you want to diversify your verb categories and lead with the strongest activities first (so “created” instead of repeating “developed”; leave “completed” or “assisted” for lower lines within a section). Emphasize responsible actions–there are websites and books that just list these “action” words–I’ve got one in my office if you need ideas, but some include created, organized, managed, synthesized, reported, presented, facilitated… Your date format is a bit cluttered, and probably you want your dates to be in a right-hand margin column so they aren’t the first word on a line (people read left to right, so keep your job titles and important verbs on the left). Your achievements are great and interesting; I’d move them up higher. The Abingdon elementary school you need to reverse the location and the duties to keep parallel form. In general, you really want to go after parallel form and powerful word choice/organizational visual choices here. The information is great, but doesn’t yet read easily at a glance. I’m happy to do a hard copy mark up for you as well if you want to make an appointment in person (or Career Services can do that as well). Hope that helps!

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