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I want to discuss the language and images in Turner’s “Confessions”.  These uses formed Turner’s persona as the “author”. Turner was a man who led a rebellion that resulted in many masters and their families slaughtered. He is shown to be a very religious man. Was God telling him to do these slaughters? Did he think of himself as God? He seemed a bit cocky, but without the language the confession wouldn’t be what it is today. As in, Turner was saying that he did everything with no remorse, so why not be cocky? I mean after all, he was willing to tell the story to any and everyone. He was very detailed about the killings as well. The images of the blood, and the explaining of the axes to the head made the audience believe that they were there to witness. Reading this made the audience realize that Turner’s persona is basically that he isn’t remorseful. He wants everyone to know that he did it, and he has no regrets. “I struck her several blows over the head, but not being able to kill her, as the sword was dull. I think he was kind of laughing about this situation. The way he talks and explains things lets the reader know that he would definitely do it again. 

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