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Pg 289 Smith & Watson: Write about a body part inside and out.

I am definitely difficult to deal with sometimes. Either I’m hungry or I start to get irritated and bubbly. I definitely give my human a hard time, but hey she loves me. She feeds me all the good foods even though I know some are unhealthy. I know that my human is on a healthy track and I’m trying to help her out a bit. I start to make her feel sick when she feeds me a burger and fries. She wants to eat healthy, so I try to reject the greasy food right now. Sometimes I let her sneak a cheat day in, so I let it slide. Being a stomach is great, because I end up looking the best. I have the cutest belly button with a sparkly ring in it. Ah, I love being decorated. I even have a tattoo near my ribs. I noticed that my human is trying to make me smaller. She wants a smaller waist, so I’m constantly going through strenuous workouts. Gosh, ab exercises really hurt. Sometimes I feel so sore, but I know she likes the feeling so I have to suck it up. She rubs me a lot. I love it. I’m always getting massages. I know she hates me at times, because I sometimes make her look big. I think she calls it bloated? Well, I can’t help it! I think it’s caused by that time of the month. Honestly, she should blame her uterus and not me! Everyone is jealous of me and Bella. Bella is her butt. We look the best! Honestly, my human loves me a lot and takes good care of me. I no longer deal with soda, instead just water and on special occasions I get juice! I hate the little acidic bubbles anyway. I wouldn’t want to be any other body part!

The options in the Appendix gave me motivation to think outside of the box. I was telling a story of a stomach. So, if a stomach was writing a memoir, what would it talk about? This was a way to enhance my writing skills, because it was a different perspective. It could be categorized as a grief narrative, because maybe my stomach is dealing with a death of cells. It could be categorized as an addiction narrative because maybe it’s addicted to certain foods. Reading Smith and Watson made me realize that I can expand my writing into different genres.

Here is my updated reflection from my presentation on Maus

Maus Questions/Discussion

Reading this memoir definitely made me think about life writing. In Julia and Watson’s book she started to talk about life writing and late capitalism. She mentioned that writing was more personal and people wanted to relate to the narrator. Late Capitalism was after the war and on page 138 she mentioned that people liked […]

Interesting Articles

Hello everyone! I have a link to an article that gives a good background on the memoir, Maus, that we read. I think this article brings light to a dark topic. Enjoy!


Here is my resume. I made a lot of edits, and I would definitely use this for a law school application. I put the internships I worked at towards the front of the resume. My internships dealt with criminal justice.

Reading Response 2

I want to discuss the language and images in Turner’s “Confessions”.  These uses formed Turner’s persona as the “author”. Turner was a man who led a rebellion that resulted in many masters and their families slaughtered. He is shown to be a very religious man. Was God telling him to do these slaughters? Did he think of […]

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