My experience with this research paper was insightful. It was clear to me that I did want to work on a graphic memoir no matter which subject it might be talking about. I did enjoy reading Persepolis by Marjane Satarpi during this semester, and I knew the profound impact the graphic memoir has on its readers, so I preferred to choose a graphic memoir to work on for my final research paper. Moreover, I have noticed that I was more into the illness genre. I feel that it has a strong message for the readers, so I chose to work on Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person by Meriam Engelberg, and it is a graphic memoir that describes how illness, might lead to a profound change in the person’s life in various aspects.

Conducting information and collecting various sources and investigating them was an interesting process. I was keen to look for more sources from Marymount Library so my research paper become strong and informative. As an English major, this process served me well as I was required to write a lot of papers in different topics.

As for my strengths and weaknesses, I found myself very well at writing, collecting data from different sources, and use it correctly. However, I still struggle in the citation part as I saw it the hardest part in writing any paper.  I was doing a lot of search on how to use sources and include them in the paper smoothly and appropriately, also to cite them correctly in MLA format.

I did like that we have been working on the research paper for a while, which led us to know exactly what we wanted to work on and which topic we were interested to do the research paper on. Also, that made us have the good sources, and enough materials to support our research paper. Moreover, the workshops we went through during this semester were a huge support and it did help me a lot. It helped me reorganize my thoughts and ideas and make the research paper more interesting and powerful.

The presentation format is not the best one for most of the students. I think that doing a five minutes’ presentation to talk about a 10-page research paper does not really make sense, especially that English Department faculty would attend our presentations. We will be keen to present our topics in depth and details as it was written on the research paper. I wish also that we could play some videos that talk about our topic to make the presentation more interesting, not boring.  As an international student, English is not my first language, and it is not easy to me to talk in seminars or events like this. So talking for only five minutes is hard and simultaneously boring. It put me in a place that I do not have enough room to express my topic. Which will make me nervous, and that I believe might affect my performance and grades.

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