Extra Credit Reflection

            I was interested to attend Sarah Roberson’s talk that was held last Thursday in Ballston Center. As an English creative writing major, that kind of talks would be a great opportunity for me in various ways, such as improving my creative writing skills, building my own style, and understanding the fact that not all people are going to like what I am writing, as Sarah has told us. She talked about how many publishers did not like her novel, and that is a normal thing any writer could face during his writing journey.

Moreover, when I attended the talk, I was thrilled about what she took us through. She has read a bit from chapter 9 from her novel. It was about a woman who is struggling in accepting the fact that she has cancer, and will face hair loss.

In addition, the talk really helped me because I am doing my seminar research paper on breast cancer and its effects on femininity and self-esteem in women who suffer from Caner. It was kind of another helpful source for my paper as it also considers an illness memoir that I am doing my research paper on.

The thing that really hooked my attention and shocked me is when Sarah told us that if we wanted our work to be published, we would have to pay so much, tax, hire someone to make the front cover, and another person to write a brief description on the back of the book.

Indeed, I purchased her novel and it was for only $10, which is great. And I am planning to start reading it once I finish final exams.

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  1.    Marguerite Rippy on December 1, 2019 5:21 pm      Reply

    This sounds like a perfect event for you to have attended, connecting both to your writing interests and your final research project! Could you see specific connections you could make between this material and your thesis or specific argument points for your final project?

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