Final Research Proposal

Rough Draft

         For my final research, I will be discussing the graphic memoirs impact on memoir and how readers receive it. Usually people tend to read written books especially in certain topics that are serious and required focus in details such as history, politics, and illness. However, with graphic memoir readers can understand and grasp the important and serious topics and know its details easier. Wherefore, I will be discussing how graphic memoirs might affect people’s prescriptive on various topics including cancer, and how even with the graphics and comics the memoir does not lose its profound meaning.

Moreover, I will analyze the graphic memoir Cancer made me a shallower person by Miriam Engelberg which is categorized under the category of the illness and brief memoir, which is Narrative of grief, mourning, and reparation and it is considered autothnatography as well. To strengthen my final research essay I will be using the Reading Autobiography by Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson. It will support my ideas and proof some facts and theories about this topic.

Cancer made me a shallower person by Miriam Engelberg mainly talks about an adult woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, it shows the readers the stages the author passed out during her treatment journey and how she was trying to overcome this.



Annotated bibliography

Waples, Emily. “Avatars, Illness, and Authority: Embodied Experience in Breast Cancer        autopathographics.(Essay).” Configurations, vol. 22, no. 2, Johns Hopkins University    Press, Mar. 2014, pp. 153–81, doi:10.1353/con.2014.0011.

This article by Emily Waples discuss the genres of the memoir and how the uses of the visual verbal genre of graphic memoir can make a huge and distinct difference to deliver the messages and the aim of the memoir. Moreover, it discusses especially the breast     cancer and the illness genre and how it might play a crucial role in the memoir. It mentions my story I have chosen to do my research on which is Cancer made me a shallower person by Miriam Engelberg.

Georgis, Dina. “Bearing Cancer in Graphic Memoir.” Canadian Woman Studies/Les Cahiers de La Femme, vol. 28, no. 2–3, 2010, pp. 105– 109. EBSCOhost, 71&site=ehost-live.

This article by Dina Georgis is packed with information and facts about five different    graphic memoirs. These graphic memoirs do mainly discuss cancer and how people who suffer from cancer live their life. One of these graphic memoirs the author discuses is     Cancer made me a shallower person. In addition, the author discusses the ways each woman in these graphic memoirs faces the cancer with. They were facing challenging moment with bearing the shocking news.

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