Theory And Memoir

October 11, 2019 | Leave a Comment

Audience: how does the text instruct you how to read it? Prefatory material? (Peritext, pretext?) How does the duration of writing unfold relative to duration of action?

Once More We Saw Stars┬áby Jason Greene”

Once More We Saw Stars is a memoir. However, I read it as a story. The plot “or memories” in the text is very flow and easy to follow and imagine. Jason Greene actually wrote it as if it was a novel, non fiction novel, so it was easy to read and interact with.

I really liked how Jason Greene mix together various feeling such as, happiness, hope, sadness, and anger.

The duration is almost the same. He started writing this memoir the firs thing when the accident has happened to his daughter. He wrote it as journals, he was not planning to make a book out of it. Instead, I think he wrote it in order to be free from his negative feelings, fear and sadness especially.

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