Write an autobiographical paragraph about yourself in the third person. Then after a few hours rewrite it in the first person. Note the kinds of changes you made in it. 

From the third person:

Lujain is the eldest daughter in her family among four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. As she is the eldest, she used to be responsible for her siblings, kind of being the second mother of them. She talks to them and provides them support and care all the time. Lujain grew up traveling around the world because of her father’s job as an employee at the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Saudi Arabia. He was required to move from the try to the other and stay in each country between three to four years. Lujain has lived in various countries, such as Egypt, Pakistan, and the United States. She gained a lot of these countries’ cultures and lifestyles. She grew up reading and writing in her free time. As a result, she becomes aware of her role in life, so she does not suffice to be the eldest daughter and a student, she is keen to take advantage of everything surround her that might help her somehow. Therefore, she has been experiencing many types of jobs for almost three years. And most of them are volunteering jobs. Even though she is working as a volunteer, she is working hard, trying her best to take advantage of it and gain experience from it.

From the first person:

As the eldest sister of four young siblings, I am responsible for taking care of them and giving them the right support all the time and under any situation. I have to spend each of my life stages in different countries. When I was in primary school, I was living in Saudi Arabia, when I was in elementary and first her of high school, I was living in Egypt, my second year of high school was in Pakistan, then I came back again to Saudi Arabia and studies my third and last year of high school. When I was in Egypt during my elementary years, I can remember that one hour I used to spend with my father reading the newspaper, not the whole newspaper, just some pieces. It was the most painful hour in my life back then. My mother had a different way of conniving me to read, so she used to take me to the library and let me choose the stories I liked and purchase them for me. My parents’ different ways of raising and teaching me have shaped my character and made me what I am today.


What I have noticed: 

I have noticed that I was writing in a more formal way in the third person, while I was more comfortable and creative in the first person. I think because talking about yourself with your own voice is easier than talking in the third person. Moreover, in the first person, I went deep inside into my life and character. And I think this is because of the memoir. I wrote the first paragraph trying to collect the basic information about me. However, in the second paragraph, later on, I remembered many aspects of my life that I have not talked about in the first paragraph, so I was writing in more depth and detail in the second paragraph.


Work Cited

Smith, Sidonie, and Julia Watson. Reading Autobiography: A Guide for Interpreting Life Narratives. 2nd ed., University of Minnesota Press, 2010. Print.

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  1.    Sinclair Cox on October 19, 2019 1:14 pm      Reply

    I think this post and the one on your internship both express your voice very well due to the topics being personal to you. There also seems to be a lot of self-reflection in them, especially this one, as you evaluate what you have written or what you have accomplished so far.

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