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Final Research Proposal Rough Draft          For my final research, I will be discussing the graphic memoirs impact on memoir and how readers receive it. Usually people tend to read written books especially in certain topics that are serious and required focus in details such as history, politics, and illness. However, with graphic memoir readers […]

Connect Murray’s statement with one of the categories applied to memoir/life writing by Smith and Watson, and explain how the live, oral, comic form of Notaro and Gadsby operates in similar or different ways to more traditional print memoir form. In the stand-up comedy, “I Have Cancer.” she describes herself as a shallow and vulnerable […]

1.) What makes this comedy set qualify as “memoir”? Which category of Smith and Watson’s memoir approaches do you find more applicable and why? (Review your options in Smith and Watson). This stand-up comedy is definitely a memoir for various reasons. The speaker here was telling her story very truly. She was telling her story […]

The autobiography of Gifted Hands by Dr. Ben Carson: It is a non-fiction novel, and it is an inspiring story of how a normal kid becomes one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. It is a memoir from his childhood and how his mother helped him to face his difficulties in school. It is […]

  Persepolis Viewing Worksheet 1.) The Graphic Novel Form: Following along with the book, look for 2 specific images/scenes that reveal a specific perspective on Satrapi’s story as memoir—this could be a script therapy moments, a moment of trauma or grief, genealogy, filiation narrative, or oral history in terms of capturing the voices of others […]

“How it Feels to be Colored Me” How does the author use creative language, image, and metaphor to invent and reinvent herself What rhetorical distancing mechanisms does she use to write about “self” as a subject? What post-memoir subgenre would you assign these to? Choose a specific textual section in which to ground your analysis. […]

Theory And Memoir.

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Audience: how does the text instruct you how to read it? Prefatory material? (Peritext, pretext?) How does the duration of writing unfold relative to duration of action? “Once More We Saw Stars by Jason Greene” Once More We Saw Stars is a memoir with a grief narrative. However, I read it as a story. The plot […]

As African Americans, Turner and Hurston are both marginalized in some ways, but they also portray themselves as exceptional in part because of their difference from the average or mainstream. Choose a moment from each that you think captures their distinct tones and analyze how these passages work to build a sense of an African […]

Write an autobiographical paragraph about yourself in the third person. Then after a few hours rewrite it in the first person. Note the kinds of changes you made in it.  From the third person: Lujain is the eldest daughter in her family among four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. As she is the eldest, […]

  Reflection on Persepolis            Persepolis by Marjane Satarpi is one of the most successful biographies that I have ever read in my life. I have never read a book that combines joy, culture, religion, and politics. Marjane in her comic book has described her life from the very beginning, starting from her point of […]