After a long journey of studying, I finally got my internship. I was a bit worried about where I would do my internship, and how I could find an internship that is related to my major and is interesting at the same time. I did not want to end up doing my internship in anywhere and do not feel the passion in doing it.

After creating my own resume and LinkedIn profile, I started applying to various institutions, but I never heard back from them. My focus was on translating and writing as I am bilingual and fluent in both Arabic and English. Until I attended an Arabic Global Forum that was held in Washington DC, and meet the director of one of the Saudis institutions here in Washington DC. I talked to him for seconds and did not forget to take his business card, then I went home. I was always keen to do networking.

As the days pass with no results on finding a good internship opportunity, I decided to send him an email asking about if I could do my internship there, as a writer. I attached my resume and my LinkedIn profile and waited for his response. He forwarded my email to the chief in editor of a Saudi newspaper here in Washington DC, and I got the internship! It was a very easy and fast process and I have never thought about working in a newspaper, but I ended up doing it.

Indeed, I am doing my internship in a Saudi newspaper as a writer, reporter, and translator which will absolutely enhance my skills and add value to what I have learned in school.

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  1.    Marguerite Rippy on October 3, 2019 9:20 pm      Reply

    This is a great example of why personal networking is usually much more effective than just submitting materials online. If you want to improve your results when you apply online, just follow up with a phone call or a contact with a specific employee to make sure they receive your application and to express your interest in person. Volunteering is also a great way to get a foot in the door of an organization if you ever want to make a move to an organization where you don’t have a personal contact. Still, you are right that often the most time efficient way to make a contact is through your known network.

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