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8135 Quinn Ter Vienna VA 22180

I am an experienced writer/ editor with a background in both long-form and short-form fiction. I am a podcaster in EnglishSamwich Podcast, a Saudi podcast with an English version that discusses various books and current social issues in the world. I am a writer, poet, and editor at Marymount University’s literary magazine. Moreover, I am a writer in the Saudi Student Association at Marymount University. I have been an active volunteer. I am a team leader and a member of the administration and project management at Us to U.S nonprofit organization in Washington DC. In addition, I am the director of the Human Resources Department at Saudis in USA non-profit organization, as well as various volunteer activities.



·      Translating “Arabic and English”

·      Copywriting

·      Leadership

·      Research

·      Creative Writing

·      Editing

·      Team Management


April 2019 – Present

Freelance Copywriter / King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia.

* Write clear, attractive copy with a distinct voice in both English and Arabic
* Interpret copywriting briefs to understand project requirements
* Edit and proofread copy as needed


May 2020

Bachelor of Arts in English / Marymount University, Arlington, VA


  • Us to U.S. Non-profit Organization, U.S.                                                                               2017                                                                    
  • Saudi Student Association Club at Marymount University                                              2018                                      
  • A writer on the Literature Magazine in Marymount University                           2017-2018                                
  • An editor on the Literature Magazine in Marymount University                         2017-2018    
  • A volunteer in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                                                         2017                                                                         
  • Human Recourses Director in Saudis in USA non-profit organization                 2017-2018    
  • Content Writer for the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission                                                     2019          
  • Event Organizer for the About Her Global Forum, it was held in George Washington University.                                                                                                                                     2019  
  • Content Creator in Fasilah non-profit organization                                                         2018                                                                                      

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