The National Book Festival was held in the Washington Convention Center on Saturday, August 31. It was very crowded with people from all over the world and from different ages. I was very excited to attend the National Book Festival not only because it is an extra credit opportunity for this class, but also because I am addicted to books, and love to read various kinds of books from all over the world. I have read many books of foreign authors who have translated there books to both English and Arabic.

The most thing that grabbed my attention was the themes that were in the Festival. There were various genres in the festival, such as poetry, biography, history, etc. Each genre has its own authors who were talking to the audience in large halls.

As we discussed the biography in our first class last week, I decided to choose the biography section/ genre to attend its seminar. I attended the talk of both Colin G. Callaway and David Treuer who were talking about Native American history. I do not enjoy listening or reading history. However, it was a very good opportunity to learn some new facts.

I really liked how there was diversity in the National Book Festival. I saw many people from Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, Italy, and many other countries. All these people have the same desire and passion for knowledge.

Moreover, I was surprised by how the volunteers were working together in order to organize the National Nook Festival and contribute to making it successful. They were working in harmony. Every one of those volunteers was smiling and preparative to help.

To be honest, I was surprised and annoyed when I did not see any books to buy or even to read. In my home country, if there is a book festival, there will be definitely books everywhere. Books have to be all over the place and in every corner at the festival. However, when I left the National Book Festival, I was shocked that my friend, who attended the National Book Festival later on that day, bought so many books and they were in a good price. I found out later that there was a hall that contains all the books I was looking for.

Indeed, I enjoyed visiting the National Book Festival and I found it very interesting and informative. Next time, I will make sure to go early so I can attend a whole seminar from the beginning.

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  1.    Marguerite Rippy on September 16, 2019 6:59 pm      Reply

    This is a really nice summation of the festival, and yes, there is always a huge hall with all the books from authors who are speaking. You can get the authors to sign them at specific times as well. To add a bit more depth to your reading entries (even this one), consider connecting to specific passages of Smith and Watson and their ideas. For example, you were listening to people talk about biography. Do you see this genre as distinct from autobiography and memoir, or do you see it as more connected, within the genre of “life writing”? What passages of Smith and Watson seemed to accurately define the genre of biography as life writing, based on your experience? Adding specifics like that will really help you get down your ideas in a more specific way.

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