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 Persepolis is a graphic novel by Marjane Starapi in which she is describing her life during the revolutions in Iran starting when she was 9 years old in 1979. Marjane is an exceptional child, when she is between 10 and 12 years old, she used to be a leader among her friends at the same age. […]

Here are some of interesting links I have found very helpful in learning the concept and the meaning of the GRAPHIC NOVELS and the reason of using it, and the memoir in Persepolis by Marjane Starapi. Below is 1. a TEDx video that is talking about various graphic novels including both Persepolis and Maus: 2. And  another short […]

“What might lead a person to accept being a slave?” This what I asked myself once I finished reading My Family’s Slave by Alex Tizon. As I was reading, there was a sentence that hooked my attention and made me wonder what is all that about.  “She was 18 years old when my grandfather gave her to […]

I am a person who loves trying various fields, so I learn a thing in each field, maybe many things. My journey has started three years ago, when I become aware of volunteering in society and how it is important, not only in my personal life but in the whole society. I have begun volunteering […]

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The narrator in Once More We Saw Stars, started talking in the “I” voice, remembering what had happened to his little daughter, Greeta, in New York when a brick has fallen from an eighth story windowsill on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and that shows that it is a grief and mourning memoir. When the […]

  After a long journey of studying, I finally got my internship. I was a bit worried about where I would do my internship, and how I could find an internship that is related to my major and is interesting at the same time. I did not want to end up doing my internship in […]

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  Lujain Alsulaimani 8135 Quinn Ter Vienna VA 22180 2028189322 I am an experienced writer/ editor with a background in both long-form and short-form fiction. I am a podcaster in EnglishSamwich Podcast, a Saudi podcast with an English version that discusses various books and current social issues in the world. I am a […]

The National Book Festival was held in the Washington Convention Center on Saturday, August 31. It was very crowded with people from all over the world and from different ages. I was very excited to attend the National Book Festival not only because it is an extra credit opportunity for this class, but also because […]