Self-Assessment (to be submitted at final presentation)

Spend about 500 words considering these questions, and submit a crafted response to these questions with your final project presentation. Obviously, this semester has turned into a collective nightmare, so feel free to use this reflection to vent a little and let me know how this course and research connected to your life this semester, whether good, bad, or ugly.

-Which of the 3 approaches to the final project did you take and why? What did you hope to accomplish through your topic choice in terms of your own learning experience?

-Describe your research and writing process during this project:
a. ) what specific activities worked well for you (working 1-1 with a reference librarian, peer review feedback either online or in person, talking to a friend/family member, outlining, meeting with instructor, etc.);
b.) what part of your process would you change in future projects (identify specific research/revision strategies, time management lapses, choices you would make differently).

-Offer a profile of yourself as a writer/researcher during this specific project. What do you see as your strengths/weaknesses as a writer, researcher and presenter of your ideas in both writing and in person? How did you play to your strengths and/or compensate for your weaknesses? How did you grow, stretch, or develop as a writer/researcher?