Reading links and Bibliography

Hard copies required:
Deavere Smith, Anna. Fires in the Mirror
Wilson, August. Seven Guitars

Links will be posted online on the MU Commons course site to the following plays, although hard copies are widely available and cheap if you prefer that mode:
Beckett, Samuel. Endgame pdf or html
Chekhov, Anton. The Three Sisters.
Glaspell, Susan. Trifles.
Jones, LeRoi (aka Baraka, Amiri). Dutchman.
Kennedy, Adrienne. Funnyhouse of a Negro (pdf on Canvas)
O’Neill, Eugene. The Emperor Jones.
Strindberg, August. The Stronger.
Williams, Tennessee. The Glass Menagerie
Suddenly Last Summer

Critical essays: Will be posted on Canvas or linked to MU Commons course site schedule

Deavere Smith, Anna. Fires in the Mirror (Partial only–you must use full text in hard copy; 6 Parts on YouTube link to Part 1).
YouTube clips of any of the plays in performance

You MUST see a live performance of one of the following plays:
Seven Guitars by August Wilson, Arena Stage April 3-May3
Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams, Theater on the Run/Avant Bard, February 27-April 5
 Links to details, pricing, etc. for extra credit theater options around the DC Metro area at

*Group tickets to  will be arranged to 2 performances, and it is strongly recommended that you attend one of these performances.

Additional readings/sources to support research:

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Tennessee Williams
Mississippi Writer’s Page:

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