Welcome to EN 321 Modern Drama, Spring 2020

Welcome to your Modern Drama course for Spring 2020. To access details on Assignments, Policies, and the weekly Course Schedule, please click on the links to your left in the menu.

This course offers a critical study of the development of modern drama from the 19th century to the present. The course includes a study of major modern dramatic movements such as realism, expressionism, black arts, and postmodern performance art. Prerequisite: EN 102 or permission of instructor. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: DSINQ LT-2, WI

This course will introduce you to the primary texts & emerging themes in modern drama and culture.  We will examine a wide range of drama, beginning with 19th century realism, continuing with dramatic experimentation and modernism, and concluding with the contrasting characteristics and effects of narrative style and cultural experiences in postmodern drama.  This course will seek to place traditional or canonical texts alongside multicultural texts, studying drama from various continents and cultures. Therefore, we will look at a variety of time periods, philosophies, and cultural perspectives to gain a deeper understanding of modern drama.

The course will encourage you to write thoughtfully and critically about dramatic texts, as well as to articulate your ideas clearly and accurately.  To meet this goal, we will work individually and in groups discussing texts, offering insight into the writing of classmates, and sharing your own writing with others.

Since this is a Writing Intensive, Inquiry, and Advanced Literature course, it will require weekly writing/revision, a final project based on your own research into a topic in modern drama, and a thorough understanding of the rules and practices of 19th & 20th century drama.