Canvas posting ideas for 9/25

Both plays we read/saw this past week attempt to use performance to ask questions about reality. Take one moment from either Pirandello’s “6 Characters” or Fugard’s “Painted Rocks” and explain how you feel it captures “reality” through performance. In addition, describe how it achieves its goal. Extra points if you use one of our critical sources to support you viewpoint of what exactly is “real” on the stage–Zola, Stanislavsky, or the Worthen introduction on Modernism could all help you define what might be real on the stage. (150 words minimum, due before class on Tuesday, 9/25).

Posting ideas for 9/11

Choose any one of the approaches below and write a 150-500 word response before Tuesday, 9/11 at 3pm.

Revolutions: Take either aesthetic or political revolutions described in the PPT notes from today’s class under Canvas Files and discuss what is revolutionary about the theme, character, or acting style of Three Sisters? (Cite a specific moment in the play that challenges conventions of its time).

Acting Style: What is the  “artistic seed” of this play (or of a specific character or scene) in your opinion?

What’s next? What’s in store for the Three Sisters on the eve of the Russian revolution? What do you think happens to each of them next (cite specific moments in the play to support your case).

Worldview: Does this play seem “feminist” to you? Why or why not? Cite a specific scene to support your claim.

Canvas Discussion Post #1: Modernism and Strindberg

Review “Worthen’s The Emergence of Modern Drama 1850-1950” (Parts 1 & 2) and Zola’s “Naturalism (both posted on Canvas in Files/Modules); write a 150-500 word posting reflecting on one of the following topics. Due Tuesday, Sept 4th, 3pm
Write a 150-550 word posting on one of the following topics.

  • When looking at the Introduction alongside August Strindberg’s The Stronger what seems “modern” in this play?
  • What does Zola mean by this? “Inside a factory, the interior of a mine, the gingerbread market, a railway station….All the activities of modern life can take place…” (1186). Apply this statement to Trifles.Make sure to cite SparkNotes, Wikipedia, etc. if you use them. You do not need any source but the play itself.