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MLA website on source use and citation

Using MLA Format

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Link to Sample Annotated Bibliography (Proposal + Entries)

This is a graduate-level proposal, but can be helpful to see the format for an annotated bibliography if you haven’t done one before.

Annotated Bibliography/Research Proposal

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Links to excerpts from Class Discussion on 2/14

Filmmaker IQ YouTube video recapping many ideas from Giannetti’s chapter on Editing, including George Méliès and Lumiere brothers.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940), full film on YouTube

Orson Welles, opening shot to Touch of Evil (1958)

Roger Corman analyzing Sergei Eisenstein’s Odessa Steps sequence in Battleship Potemkin (1925)

Actual Odessa Steps sequence without interruption

Brian DePalma’s Untouchables (1987) stair scene

Notting Hill (1999) “Ain’t No Sunshine” scene long take instead of montage

Student-compiled clips of montage

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Welcome to EN 220: The Movie or the Book

Welcome to the MU Commons site for EN 220. On this site you will find descriptions of assignments and an html version of your course schedule that is updated weekly. Please check back at least once a week to see any changes to the schedule based on our work in class. Detailed assignment descriptions and rubrics appear on your Canvas site. All syllabus policies appear both on this site and on Canvas.

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