Watership Down


Watership Down Cover, 1st edition, 1972

With so many choices it is hard to distinguish one particular book as being the favorite of them all so, I started at the beginning of the author alphabet and for the ‘A’s chose Watership Down by Richard Adams.  On the surface it is a story of a warren of male rabbits who move on to seek females rabbits to keep their line alive, a pleasant, if sometimes harrowing story based in the animal kingdom.  But, the story is much more than that as it examines the social pressures applicable to all times and peoples in one sense or another.  The story is told in such an engaging way that the animals gain a believable human persona and you find yourself rooting for the hero and his followers and hoping for the villains demise.  It is in some ways reminiscent of the “David and Goliath” scenario where you breathlessly hope for the underdog to come out on top.

Watership Down is a timeless story that can appeal to many generations from young to old.  As I many times as I have read it over the years, I find myself fully engaged in the trials and quest of the characters during each reading.  Whether you are looking to be entertained, learned, both, or somewhere in-between, Watership Down will satisfy your desires.