Gone With the Wind

For my fifteenth birthday, all I wanted was a copy of Gone with the Wind. And I knew I was

Vivian Leigh portrayed Scarlett in the 1939 film version.

Looking for something that can compare to GWTW.

going to get it too, because I was with my mother when she bought it. There was a big open space on the shelf that held the copy I admired. I am not entirely sure why I wanted it so badly, because when I opened it on my big day, I did not start reading immediately. Instead, I placed it in the center of my bedroom bookshelf that was especially designated for classics. I stood back and admired it. Not opening the front cover until Christmas three years later.

I am not entirely sure why I waited so long to read it. I knew it was going to be amazing, and I knew I would love it. Perhaps I was intimidated by the largeness of it, or maybe I was unknowingly acting like Scarlett, and just asking for the book just so I could have it. Knowing all who saw it would be impressed by it and its owner. That is definitely something Scarlett would do.

When I did begin to read it, I was immediately entranced by how real everything was. What ( Or should I say who?) was the most real however, surprised me. I did not expect Scarlett to be so real. I honestly expected to find  Vivian Leigh instead of Scarlett. I felt deeply connected to her. It was as if I was with her throughout her entire story, and that I was her closest confidant. It scared me how much I wanted to be her as well how much I didn’t.

Throughout the novel, Katie Scarlett O’Hara faces many challenges from many different aspects of the world. War, death, and poverty, as well as more superficial things like social climbing, are all things that are she faces with the determination that she and her family will get out alive and back to Tara, even if others get in her way. I admired her determination and the gumption she had to ensure survival.

The cover of Gone with the Wind

The cover of Gone with the Wind allows for readers to see Scarlett’s pre-war life.


Gone with the Wind for me, is a book I go to again and again for inspiration and wisdom. It haunts me and makes me count my blessings, as well as opens my eyes on what truly makes me happy and who I truly love.