Double Dutch

My mother always wanted for her children to read because she saw it as fundamental but also a way to better ourselves and not become a statistic. So I would find myself going to the library at school but also our public library in our city. I have read a variety of books overtime and must say that I  do not have a favorite book. So deciding which book to deem my favorite is pretty hard so instead I decided on a book that was life changing.

Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper tells the story of Delia who has progressed to the 8th grade without knowing how to read. Some main factors that contribute to her not knowing how to read is her being in public school where it is easier to slip through the cracks and also her parents going through an ugly divorce. Double DutchThen you have her friend Randy who is living on his own because his single father, who happens to be a trucker, who has not come home for a couple days and Randy starts to worry but is afraid to tell.

This story touches me because I understand how a child could be left behind especially in a public school setting. I am very fortunate to have a mother that made sure that I was learning everything I needed and to also have both parents in the home. This book has opened my eyes and makes me want to help. Maybe not by becoming a regular teacher but just being open to the ideal of finding a way to get through to the youth and being a resourceful person for anyone wanting to learn.