Writing Research Paper

While writing my research paper for Trifles, I find a lot of information surrounding my topic of female gender roles. It has been a learning experience for myself as well because a lot of topics come up that I was not aware of before entering into the research process. I thought I knew all that I could when it comes to gender roles in our modern society but I was wrong. I am brought up on topics of Patriarchy and feminism. I start to go more into depth of the play and see the underlining behind it. There is still a lot of information that I need to find out concerning my topic and the play itself but I am exposing it one section at a time. My only problem is finding time to do this research paper, study and do the other work for my other classes but I how I am organizing everything out I am making time.

Alice in Murderland

The movie that I chose for my adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is Alice in Murderland. When watching Alice in Murderland, it includes more of Alice in Wonderland details versus it being a spinoff of the book. The main character is a young woman, who fits the Alice charter traits. Alice is blonde with blue eyes and a petite body type. The only difference between the two is Alice in the movie is twenty-one and Alice in the book is seven years old.


In the movie, Alice’s sorority sisters are throwing her a birthday party. Against their better judgment, they decide to throw it at a place called the glass house, which happens to be the same place Alices mother was killed twenty years ago. They also decide to make it an Alice in Wonderland themed party. They include characters such as twiddledee and twiddledum, which are reserved for the typical best friends of the group. Twiddledum, Donna, also happens to be the typical dumb blonde of the group and Twiddledee, Dee who watches over her like an older sister. Then they have Pima who is assigned to dress in a caterpillar outfit. Pima happens to also be the one girl of the group who always brings the drugs to the party. Her drug of choice is shrooms for the party. Similar to the book, the caterpillar tells Alice to eat mushrooms. Then they have a strong willed girl name Cat, who dresses up as the Cheshire Cat because she is sneaky and disappears from the group like the Cheshire Cat in the book. Alices best friend Malory dresses up as the white rabbit but does not have anything in common with the fictional character. The owner of the glass house who happens to be Malory’s uncle, Mr. White, dresses up as the Mad Hatter who also does not have much in common with his imagescharacter either. Then you have Samantha who plays the cook. Then you have Tiffany who dresses up like the red queen or better known as the Queen of Hearts which can fit her domineering personality. They choose not to include a jabberwocky costume maybe because it has no part in the Alice in Wonderland book but that does not stop a jabberwocky appearing and killing most of the girls off anyway.

alice2The girls get dressed up in their outfits at the glass house. Drama starts to breakout but is easily squashed. Alice suggests that we have a tea party such as the one in the book. Drama outbreaks again and the girls decide to split up. Alice, Cat and Malory decide to stay downstairs and have a tea party while the remaining girls go upstairs. Cat disappears and the other girls plot to rig the house with traps. Pima gives Dee some shrooms, which sends her on a bad trip that results her in choking one of the girls. Pima takes her to the bathroom and puts her in the shower hoping that would make her better. Dee then sees a jabberwocky in costume and Pima then turns around and runs. The jabberwocky then kills Dee and runs after Pima. Pima hides but is eventually killed. Meanwhile the girls have no clue and try to trick Malory and Alice leaving Cat alone to her own demise. Donna tries to find Dee but finds her dead. imagesCASB0LI2The Jabberwocky knocks her out and glues her butt to the toilet. The girls split up again trying to find a way out, something to help get Donna off the toilet and a cell phone. Mr. White helps pull Donna off the toilet while the Jabberwocky is about to kill them. Tiffany knocks the Jabberwocky out and it is revealed that Cat was the one in the costume all along. Soon everyone tries to find a way out and Tiffany and Samantha are assigned to watch Cat. During that time it is revealed that Samantha is Cat’s sister and lets Cat go free. They chop Tiffanys head off and go look for the other girls to kill. Samantha finds Alice but Alice ends up bashing her head in.  She finds Cat just about to kill Malory but she stabs her first. Right before Cat dies, she tells Alice that she will always be a killer until she breaths her last death. The end of the movie shows Alice is around her aunt and Malory and starts to laugh creepily after repeating what Cat told her right before her death.

The director, Dennis Devine, may have chosen the direction to draw in a young adult crowd. He may have also wanted the story in a modern day setting but also getting rid of the usual fantasy based premise. Devine turned a simple children’s book into a movie that surrounds drugs, killing and lying but he did include references from the book during the movie. If Alice in Wonderland would have been set in a realistic world then this adaptation would have not been so outlandish.

Voyant Tool – Word Cloud

When first hearing about this assignment, I was a bit confused how it would contribute to the assignment at hand. I decided to work on the passage of Alice in Wonderland entitled “Pool of Tears”. The section I chose from Pool of Tears was the beginning until she starts to cry. What I found in the passage by doing the word cloud, is that there is a lot of insignificant words that make up my passage. Some of those words would be like and which is said 57 times or the which is said 64 times. These little words that do not important are what make up the text. So I took some of those words out and made some of the less used words stand out such as Alice that was only used 11 times. I would try to make my own word cloud focus on words that were more unique to it so that it could get a better look versus the small words it started to focus on.

One thing I saw in the Voyant tool was that when I would click on the word, it would then highlight the word in the text. Thats helpful because otherwise I would not pay attention to it in the text. Then theres a graph that is next to it seeing how much the word is used and when in the text but graph size.

The Voyant tool can be helpful when being used in text form. It also can be nice when trying to use a logo. I have looked up some further logo designs for word clouds and they become very creative. Its also good to use when close reading because you get a sense of the word as well.

The Pool of Tears

In the episode, The Pool of Tears, we can get a better look at Alice’s personality and how she responds to life situations. When she first starts to cry and loses her own sanity, we can tell that she is still a child and responds to situations in an immature manor. She also becomes distracted by things, which also can show her age. When the rabbit comes along, it’s as if she forgets she was crying enough tears for a river. When she falls into the river that is when she is aware that she had been crying again. She then gets distracted again when she meets with the mouse. Talking to the mouse she becomes aware that she has a home because she reflects on her cat Dinah. What puzzles me about this episode is that she does not deal with fear that in this mystical land where animals can talk. Its like the norm to her almost and she does not question it. Another puzzling part is that she knows things and I am not sure how she comes to certain conclusions. An example of that would be when she grows to nine feet tall and then the rabbit gives her a fan and children gloves and she shrinks down. She knows automatically that it is the fan that contributes to her declining height. How does she conclude that it is the fan and not her own self or the children gloves. I do not understand where her knowledge comes from. It does seem to fit in the episodes around it because she sees the bunny a bit in the episode before but he disappears and he reappears again. Even though it may not make sense in some aspects, the point was not overlooked. They needed this episode to get a further look into the wonderland that Alice is in and how she responds to her surroundings. We can see everything from a child’s position when dealing with Alice.

The Importance of being Earnest- Cigarette Case

When reading the text, I was not expecting for Algernon and Jack to be at a party like they were in the clip. I was expecting more of them getting ready for guest to come over and getting the house prepared for Lady Bracknell. The reason I personally did not see the party scene in the text was because the way Algernon was talking with Lane.

Algernon.  And, speaking of the science of Life, have you got the cucumber sandwiches cut for Lady Bracknell?

I was expecting Algernon and Jack to be sitting in the house on separate couches talking with one another. Instead they enter this huge party scene and sit on separate couches with women lighting their cigarettes for them.  I think they portrayed it in the movie like this to make it come off more comedic then serious like how I would suggest in the text. Then in the text, Lane brings the cigarette case in. In the movie Algernon pulls the cigarette case out of his jacket. Algernon then proceeds to ask him about the cigarette case as if it was the perfect moment being surrounded by people. Jack sounds annoyed in the clip perfectly, as if he is embarrassed and does not want to talk about it in front of people but just wants Algernon to give him the case and leave it at that. Then while Algernon is accusing him, I see Algernon say something that Jack was suppose to address according to the text. In the text Jack says,

Jack.  [Moving to sofa and kneeling upon it.]  My dear fellow, what on earth is there in that?  Some aunts are tall, some aunts are not tall.  That is a matter that surely an aunt may be allowed to decide for herself.  You seem to think that every aunt should be exactly like your aunt!  That is absurd!  For Heaven’s sake give me back my cigarette case.  [Follows Algernon round the room.]

but in the movie Algernon addresses the size comment and Jack says nothing about it beforehand. Which plays out well for the movie and the setting because it makes Jack seem like he is being ambushed with all these questions to try to make him slip up on a lie. In the text Jack seems like he is more trying to defend himself but in the movie he seems more relaxed and ready to come out with the truth. The last minutes of the clip when Jack finally says he is both Ernest and Jack, he is almost laughing at the confusion of Algernon and seems very relaxed which makes it seem a bit more comical.


Trifles – setting & characterization

When first reading, Trifles, the setting and characterization is the first things you notice. You notice how the characters speaks and how they may differ from certain characters. An example of that would be the farmers and the wife’s versus the county attorney and sheriff. The farmers speak with a different dialect then the attorney and sheriff. An example of that would be when Mrs. Hale is telling the story of how she discovered Mrs. Wrights husband had died.

Mrs. Hale – “Ain’t he home?” says I.”

They may speak different due to the fact they live and work on a farm and the attorney and sheriff do not. Then you see how the men treat the women. They make fun of the women when they see that they have pulled out Mrs.Wrights knitting supplies. They also made the women feel almost inferior to them for doing so little compared to the men. The irony comes along when they find the dead bird which would have been great help to the sheriff and the attorney if they would have found it first. Since the women found it and did not think that it would do any justice to tell the men then that is evidence the men would never get. Plus the men would never have thought to check her knitting supplies any way because they did not think anything of it.

The setting is perfect for the plot. It gives the story a dynamic look without revealing much of anything into Mrs. Wrights life. It shows that Mrs. Wright was a lonely farmers wife and being on the farm gets lonely due to the fact that you really do not have close neighbors. It also shows the relationship that Mrs.Hale and Mrs. Peters have with Mrs. Wright. They wish they would have visited her more when she was living at home. Mrs. Hale is also taking things to her while she is in jail. They also protect her when they find the dead bird. They could easily told the sheriff that they found it and make her look suspicious but they protect her. I think this is the only setting that would work for this story line. It ties into perfectly Mrs. Wrights story and the stories that surround her.

Resolution and Independence

When reading “Resolution and Independence”, my first impression of the poem was that it is a clever poem, that had a good transition. William Wordsworth started the poem talking about the environment and the beauty in the surrounding. Then went to relating to himself and how he was raised around it. Then to the old man that was present in the surrounding. To describe the setting, Wordsworth used descriptive language but did not overdo it. He also helped create a visual setting for the place. An example of that would be when he says,

“The grass is bright with rain-drops”

which can paint a picture of this glossy grass in the readers mind. The tone of the poem is also calming and content. It was an easy read but you definitely would have to reread it to make sure you did not miss any small details.

One interesting passage from the poem that drew me in is when he says,

“My whole life I have lived in pleasant thought,

As if life’s business were a summer mood;

As if all needful things would come unsought

To genial faith, still rich in genial good;

But how can He expect that others should

Build for him, sow for him, and at his call

Love him, who for himself will take no heed at all?”

I feel like this passage can be seen as very interesting because he starts off with this positive mood. He compares business to a summer day which most would see that as a happy mood to be in. Then towards the end of the passage he comes to reality that only because he sees the world in this positive light does not mean everyone else does as well. Which can be a sad reality.

Another passage that I admire would be:

“There was a roaring in the wind all night;

The rain came heavily and fell in floods;

But now the sun is rising calm and bright;

The birds are singing in the distant woods;

Over his own sweet voice the Stock-dove broods;

The Jay makes answer as the Magpie chatters;

And all the air is filled with pleasant noise of waters.”

I admire this passage because it is as if he is saying that even with the rough conditions of the night before, the environment was not phased with it and is still beautiful. The birds still have songs that they want to sing and the water will still run its course. Which can be a metaphor for how life can be at times. Life may be hard but it still goes on and one day you could wake up and everything be okay.

Some questions I might be wanting to be answered from the poem are who is the old man, where is the place he speaks of and why is it significant to him? I feel like if those questions were to be answered then the poem would have a personal feeling. Which can make the reader relate more to the author.



Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare

1. The purpose of repetition in Sonnet 73 is to make the reader think about Shakespeares point of view and how he would see things such as the yellow leaves hanging or the twilight of such day. Shakespeare is using Anaphora to get his point across and show imagery.

2. In the entire Sonnet, he uses extended metaphor. In lines 1-4 he uses personification. He is using personification when he speaks on how the birds sing as if they were in a choir. Then in lines 5-8 he uses antithesis when he says, “death’s second self, that seals up all in rest” which he is comparing death and rest to one another. In 9-12  he uses personification like when he compares his youth to ashes or his deathbed that is to expire.

3.  In lines of 3-4 the placement of the birds on the branch(boughs) and a choir being a place and not only just a group of singer has something to do with one another. Then 7-8 relates to one another because death is suppose to be sealing up but in the next line he says that he has glowing of fire in him. If he was to die then the fire would not be glowing with in him.

Double Dutch

My mother always wanted for her children to read because she saw it as fundamental but also a way to better ourselves and not become a statistic. So I would find myself going to the library at school but also our public library in our city. I have read a variety of books overtime and must say that I  do not have a favorite book. So deciding which book to deem my favorite is pretty hard so instead I decided on a book that was life changing.

Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper tells the story of Delia who has progressed to the 8th grade without knowing how to read. Some main factors that contribute to her not knowing how to read is her being in public school where it is easier to slip through the cracks and also her parents going through an ugly divorce. Double DutchThen you have her friend Randy who is living on his own because his single father, who happens to be a trucker, who has not come home for a couple days and Randy starts to worry but is afraid to tell.

This story touches me because I understand how a child could be left behind especially in a public school setting. I am very fortunate to have a mother that made sure that I was learning everything I needed and to also have both parents in the home. This book has opened my eyes and makes me want to help. Maybe not by becoming a regular teacher but just being open to the ideal of finding a way to get through to the youth and being a resourceful person for anyone wanting to learn.