Research Paper Writing Process

I first started my research process by exploring different and diverse topics regarding Christina Rosetti’s “Goblin Market.” I thought the piece would prove effective for a research paper due to its appropriate length and wide array of interpretations. After some investigating, I decided to focus on a feminist exploration of the text, specifically addressing female desire. Fortunately enough, I have found many good resources for my topic. However, I may have found too many. As a result, I’m finding it difficult to find my focus and build a thesis that is neither too narrow nor too broad. In the actual writing of the essay, I’ve had a rough start and am somewhat behind schedule due to my other assignments. Additionally, I am experiencing trouble organizing my thoughts. I know the direction I would like to take with the paper, although I’m having a difficult time finding the concentration and motivation to keep working at it. I plan to continue writing and see where it takes me, without over thinking it as I have been. Then I will readdress my thesis and rework it accordingly. Once I work through this writer’s block, I am confident that I will produce the paper I envisioned. I just have to keep reminding myself to get through this rough draft period, keep an open mind and somewhere along the way more clarity will come.

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