Writing Process: Research Paper Draft

My writing process during this draft has been somewhat typical of how I write a research paper. I started by finding many sources, and after determining my working thesis, I started writing the main paper body. I feel that one of my strong points is finding sources – I work at the library, so I have no problem finding journal articles or books through the catalog or databases. However, my weak point has been actually sitting down to write the paper. It might be procrastination, but I also think that it has something to do with my need to delve totally into a paper topic for a certain amount of time. I hadn’t had that time throughout much of Break. To compensate, I wrote a basic outline in my draft document to keep me on track when writing the paper. This has worked very well. At this point, my discussion of women in Victorian times and of imagination/initiative in the Alice books is almost done. I plan on incorporating more biographical information to discover why Carroll write such a radical text, and I might add a discussion of a few adaptations that use imagination differently than the original text. However, the latter might not work, simply because of space and the paper’s focus. After I finish writing the body, I will go back and revise my thesis statement. Right now, I’m tired of working on this paper, but I’m still enjoying the overall topic. I think Carroll is fascinating, and I can’t wait to go back and revise my paper with fresh eyes.

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