Research Paper Writing Process

Throughout the course of this semester, I have learned a lot about myself and of my writing process. Skills I have discovered in other classes have allowed me to approach my research paper assignment in a positive manner. I first began by exploring different topics regarding Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”. The topic that seemed most interesting to research was that of drug addiction. I then selected three different areas to explore that could be seen through Rossetti’s “Goblin Market’. These three areas include drug use in nineteenth-century England, her biographical background, and markets in London during the nineteenth century. I’ve struggled most with finding appropriate sources to include in my essay and research. I have explored several databases looking for Christina Rossetti’s biographical background, particularly the life of her brother’s wife, Elizabeth but have found a minimal amount of useful sources. While this has been the most difficult to retrieve it has allowed me to become a more keen user of the resources that Marymount’s library services provides. In terms of writing the essay, I have reached a “writer’s block”. Often times I focus on what the length a paper needs to be, focusing on quantity versus quality. Thus I concern myself with reaching the second, third, and fourth page mark and then find myself asking myself, “What more can I write about?” rather than exploring the concepts and ideas of my paper. At this point I feel comfortable with the content and direction my paper is headed in but know that there is a bit more research that needs to be done and a bit more closer reading and analysis.

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