Research Paper Writing Process

The writing process so far for the research paper has not been smooth sailing but not overly difficult because it usually takes me a while to organize my thoughts and dive into the paper. I usually have to work and take frequent breaks in order to get a long research paper done.  I am confident though that I will be able to produce something I am happy with as long as I put in the amount of effort and research the paper requires, which I think I have done so far. However at the moment, writers block, and questioning if the direction I had previously thought Id go with is the right choice, is making the writing process a bit more arduous. I do feel like I am making progress and I keep reminding myself that my rough draft is not my final and after I apply heavy editing it will turn out the way I would like it to.  At the moment I may be slightly intimidated however I know that I will be just fine because I am going to be working hard at it.

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