Landscape Essay

In the spring there is a lot of pink flowers that can be seen growing on trees.

There are two trees in front of the Rowley building that are right next to each other. They both grow pink flowers.

There is a ton of pink flowers on each branch and each branch seems like it goes on for miles.

The pink flowers are enjoyable to look at from far away…

but they are even more enjoyable up close.

There are single flowers that stand out at the end of the branches.

But it is more common to see them all bunched up with each other.

The branches sometimes feel like they are really low but that is because the trees were planted along a hill.

Students that pass by are easily able to see these pink flowers on their way to class in Rowley.

Students can also admire a statue of Mary at the same time as the flowers.

It is a bit harder to see the flowers color at night, but even then people can still enjoy looking at them.



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