Emerging Spring

In DC, there are bright and beautiful flowers that are planted outside of the museums and other buildings. They look great especially when it is a nice, bright day outside.

Pink is a popular color of flowers that are blooming in the spring. People can see bits of pink around while walking around DC.

Since the weather is nicer, at least somewhat, people like to spend more time outdoors so they can enjoy the weather while they can.

There are a lot of ducks around one of the little ponds in DC. People will see some swimming around and others relaxing in the shade.

Even though it is almost May, there are still some flowers that look like they have not bloomed all the way, but are almost there.

Unfortunately, not all of the flowers that bloom last that long due to people plucking them or due to bad weather that causes them to come off of trees.

On gloomy days, the bright colors of the flowers are really nice to see.

There are spurts of pink flowers that grow all along certain trees in the spring.

Patches of bright and light pink flowers can be spotted on a lot of the trees.

The patches of pink flower are nice to see among all of the dull brown and green when it is gloomy out.

There are also some flower colors that are not as bright as the pink, but are still nice to look at and enjoy while walking around.


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