The Dabbler Girl: Week 1 lesson 1

This blog explains the highs and lows of just starting out in a new school, specifically being lonely your first couple of weeks. It goes into detail about how not always being busy and being around others is something you should embrace and look forward to.


This blog is intened for students in general, because it’s about starting out in new school not knowing anyone or and having anything to do and how that ok. I think mainly high school students and college freshman would read this because it’s what we all go through coming to a new school.


The blog is trying to appeal to a younger crowd so I think they chose to make the blog full of personal examples to create a open and honestly style. They take the audience on a journey so they could relate to what is being written and  make everything specific and clear to understand.


The blog is very simple and makes it easy to see the point or the theme that is trying to be conveyed. When trying to reach out to a younger crowd this is a good thing because they don’t have to think really hard or fish for an answer.