For this blog I read an interview posted on “FuzzyLogic” website. It was about festivals in the D.C. area and how it is lacking. They were having a festival with indie bands performing. To get more information about why D.C is doesn’t respond well to festivals they interviewed a singer of a local indie band that would be later performing at said festival.

The blog seemed to be targeting a younger audience. Generally when people talk about “new” types of music it is targeting a younger crowd. This blog maybe was aiming towards 18-30 year olds maybe. Since most older people don’t listen to indie rock because its more of millennial thing I believe this is the who would read this blog.

The author of the blog used words like “lotta” instead of writing “a lot of” to make the writing a bit more fun. It seems like the author wanted to appeal to younger people by using language that most people would use through speech and not when writing. More examples were when the author said “Cuz yeah” instead of “because” using these types of phrasing to make the blog less stuffy and so readers won’t get bored and feel like they’re reading boring article.

The content is about festivals and younger people are mostly seen at things like this. most young adults have jobs and may have more free time and less responsibility. The author uses that and writes about something that young people can do to kill time and enjoy themselves. So the author blogs about a free festival and about a bunch bands that people may or may not know. I this sparks an interest in people and make them want to check it out. I think that since its a younger crowd that she writes about things that young people would want to know, which is free festivals with live music.